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Namerind Housing Corporation goes Green

Solar Technology to Provide Clean Energy to Tenants

Solar Technology

(Regina, SK) – Today marked another step in Namerind Housing Corporation’s quest to becoming a self-sustaining organization – this time in the area of environmental sustainability. By installing solar Photovoltaic (Pv) and solar thermal technology on all multi-dwelling units, Namerind will vastly reduce their reliance on fossil fuels over the 25 to 30 year life cycle of the systems.

“Though there is of course an initial cost to installing this new technology in our properties, the long term benefits – both environmental and financial – will far outweigh that investment,” said Robert Byers, President and CEO of Namerind. “We are very excited to be announcing our use of this innovative technology as part of our continued commitment to bettering the community we serve.”

The solar thermal technology will be installed from October through December 2010 and will immediately start providing solar power and heat energy. This project is the second largest of its kind ever to be undertaken in Saskatchewan.

“With the use of this technology, we are not only adding cost-efficient, clean power to the grid, we are also making a long-term investment in our multi-dwelling units, including our office and our mall,” said Byers. “This project is one of many ways that Namerind has diversified in order to provide affordable housing in Regina within a self-sustained model.” The solar thermal technology makes use of otherwise unused space on the roof of each property and will provide an immediate, clean source of power and heat energy. For example, at the six properties with installation in 2010, the solar technology will replace an equivalent of 28, 392 litres of gasoline annually, also providing 66.4 tons of Green House Gas (GHG) reduction.