Current Projects

We are focused on sustainable solutions to allow generations to enjoy our environment.

Environmental Stewardship

Creating a self-sustaining affordable housing organization is about more to us than just providing homes to our residents. At Namerind, we take seriously our place in the community and are always working to rejuvinate the neighbourhoods of Regina as well as protect our environment.

Our recent installation of renewable energy systems on all Namerind-owned buildings will use solar energy to power homes and businesses. The solar power used will not only lead to a cost savings over time, but will ensure that the neighbourhoods we serve can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Below, you can track in real time the energy savings being created by our solar project. When Namerind launched this project in 2010, it was the second-largest environmental project of its kind ever to be undertaken in the province of Saskatchewan. Take a look below to see why:

Namerind Housing Corp - 925 12th Ave.

Namerind Housing Corp - 1069 King Street

Namerind Housing Corp - 11 Vaughn Street

Namerind Housing Corp - Namerind Mall, 1106 Winnipeg St.