About Namerind

At Namerind, our mission is to provide safe, affordable, quality housing and economic development opportunities for Indigenous People.

“I see affordable housing as an industry. Because of the changes in the way we have to operate to remain sustainable, affordable housing now plays an important role in the local economy.”

At Namerind we have created a new model for affordable housing. Our organization is deeply committed to supporting our community by providing those in need with affordable housing, but also by providing other services and prioritizing our work in environmental sustainability. By diversifying our revenue stream to include projects like our retail mall and pharmacy, we have been able to move towards our goal of becoming entirely financially self-sustaining, while providing much needed spaces and service to our community. One hundred percent of profits from all of our projects and partnerships are reinvested into affordable housing in Regina.

In 1977, we determined a great need for affordable housing for Indigenous people. Since then, that goal has led us on a journey that now includes so much more than just a roof over the head of our tenants. We are giving opportunity back to the Indigenous community – the opportunity to create jobs, to create wealth, and to create a sense of ownership.

We focus on the importance of each staff member as an integral part of this team; First Nations, Métis, Non-Native, Visible Minority, women in non-traditional roles – it is important to us to include all those in the Indigenous community. Our staff provides a support network not only to our tenants, but also to the contractors and trades people who work so hard to keep our holdings in good repair.

We have also created community partnerships to benefit the broader Regina community. I invite you to explore our website and contact our office with any questions, or to get involved in this important work. Together, we believe, we can provide safe, affordable, self-sustained housing to all those in need while protecting our environment for generations to come.

Robert Byers
President & Chief Executive Officer
Namerind Housing Corporation

Namerind Housing and Culture

Namerind supports and encourages a sense of culture in our communities as well as in the workplace.
As an Indigenous organization, Namerind has strong focus on reconciliation and developing an environment which is diverse, inclusive and collaborative.

Click here to read Namerind’s statement on Culture.

Namerind Housing Corporation is committed to safety.

As an organization, Namerind does much to ensure the safety of its employees, tenants, contractors, community and stakeholders. We support employee health and safety through regular safety discussions and by providing all team members with safety training, protective equipment and a full range of health related benefits and support.

We focus on tenant safety by ensuring our residences meet safety standards and we conduct regular fire and home inspections. In addition, we partner with our contractors by offering them training and to assist with developing safety-related processes.

Namerind also invests in safety-related initiatives with our community and stakeholders. For example, we were the first organization to adopt the ‘crime free communities’ program. As well, we take the opportunity to talk about our safety program and incorporate safety-related messaging at our numerous speaking engagements and community initiatives.