Current Projects

Contractor Warehouse

In 2009, Namerind purchased a retail mall, affording us the opportunity to manage a retail space and When we initially began to grow and diversify our organization, it became immediately apparent that we would need to rely on skilled contractors and tradespeople to keep our properties in top shape. We discovered a warehouse space for sale that could house a number of contractors and tradespeople. Namerind purchased the warehouse, not only to create another revenue stream, but also to instill the importance of our contractors as part of our team. We rent space to our contractors not only to give them a home but also to ensure that they feel they are an important part of our organization. With the purchase of the warehouse, we also purchased 8 lots which we have landscaped to enable us to rent the space to individuals or our contractors for storage of pods or trailers and equipment. We currently have 9 contractors with a total of 35 employees housed within the property. The warehouse allows all of our contractors to work efficiently with our Maintenance Manager, managing projects across our properties.