Tenant Appreciation



Family Day – Each June, our team gathers to host a bar-b-que and activity day for all of our tenant families. It’s a great chance for tenants and staff to get to know each other and for families to get together and make memories. It is important to us that our tenants know that we are available for anything they need and that we consider Namerind to be a family. With games for the kids, face painting and a delicious lunch, it’s always a memorable day.




Holiday Hamper Campaign – Beginning in 2007, Namerind has annually organized a Holiday Hamper campaign, funded by employees and the companies that Namerind works with throughout the year. The program emerged from a collective effort by the staff to organize a way to help those less fortunate in the community over the holidays. Hampers are assembled. Each hamper includes everything needed for a holiday dinner as well as board games, baking ingredients and things to encourage family activities over the holidays.