Current Projects

Condos and Houses

Namerind currently owns 275 homes. A number of years ago, we reviewed our housing stock and sold some of the less desirable homes, providing us with income to invest in new affordable housing units. With that income, we were able to purchase 19 condominiums from a project of 94. This project remains a part of our affordable housing stock to this day. Currently, we have a mix of apartments and houses, which we are constantly retrofitting with environmental appliances and energy systems and renovating to the latest standards.

A few years ago, we sold our first home to one of our tenants. This was a very exciting event for us and the effect on the family was life changing. We continue to promote the idea of purchasing the family home and what it means to make the transition from rental to home ownership. We believe it creates wealth in the Indigenous community, while enabling a family to leave a legacy for future generations. We will continue this practice of selling homes to tenants and creating opportunities for home ownership that might be otherwise impossible.