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Namerind Co-Hosts National Conference on Sustainable Solutions for Affordable Housing

Groundbreaking Event Gathers Leaders from Across Canada

(Regina, SK) – In an important step forward for affordable housing in Canada, Namerind Housing Corporation and the National Aboriginal Housing Association (NAHA) co-hosted a three-day conference aimed at ensuring that as housing organizations grow in Canada, they are doing so in a sustainable way.

“It was our aim to bring together leading architects, development consultants and other experts in order to share ideas and inspire those working in Canada’s housing sector,” said Robert Byers, President and CEO of Namerind. “We were thrilled with the way participants were able to share learnings and experiences, while working together on solutions to ensure that affordable housing is environmentally and economically sustainable across the country.”

From the opening keynote address delivered by Jim Green on Vancouver’s Woodward Project – Canada’s largest mixed-use real estate development, to the closing address delivered by Michael Boucher on community building and a call to action, the conference’s 21 speakers walked participants through innovative ideas in affordable housing that could be tailored to any organization.

“It was important to us to look at the issue of sustainability not just in traditional terms but in wholistic terms that encompassed the entire community that these organizations serve,” said Byers. “We are concerned with sustainable human resources practices, models for financial independence and sustainability, and building communities in a way that will serve generations to come while protecting the environment.”

About Namerind Housing Corporation

Namerind Housing Corporation was founded in order to provide safe, affordable housing to Regina’s aboriginal community, while creating opportunities for economic and community development. Established in 1977, Namerind currently owns 285 homes, a Patient’s Lodge, a warehouse used to provide work space to trades people and contractors, and a retail mall which houses the Winnipeg Street Pharmacy. Recently, Namerind has begun to facilitate the sale of some rental properties to their tenants, affording the opportunity of home ownership where it may be otherwise impossible. For more information, please visit

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